CSS – Cascading Style Sheets. Key Advice!

I was recently introduced to CSS for the first time. I was told that CSS was basically a list of instructions, (in computer readable format), that informed the computer how to display the various elements of a document or website on the screen so that a person can see and understand it.

So the CSS determines things like, colours to be used, font types and character sizes, whether an element on a page is indented, has bullet points or is numbered etc.

What I found interesting, (and to be honest – Frustrating), was the critical importance of tiny elements like (, – the comma or . – the full stop or : the colon ; semi-colon or  { } the bracket.   Each of these items, and their positioning within your CSS are critical to whether or not your page will display as you had intended.

Now the Key Advice piece! When setting up your CSS make only one change at a time. Save your work. Then check that the file does what you expected it to do before you move on to the next step.

If you make more that one change at a time you will spend ages searching for the error … which is usually a missing or misplaced special character.

Happy CSS-ing!

Coding Frustration meme






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