First Attempt at Balsamiq wireframe.

The following post is an example of how I have used Balsamiq Software to generate an initial wireframe for an imaginary piece of wearable technology and the associated app.

Starting point.

The objective is to design a wearable technology,(e.g. watch / bracelet), 
linked to an app, which can monitor the diabetic patient's blood sugar
levels, (and other key indicators), and provide an alert in the event that
an intervention is required, for example, insulin injection or food intake.

Initial screen.

AlanB - 1.jpeg

Screen 2.

Screen 2 will display the patient’s glucose levels over time.

AlanB - 2.jpeg

Screen 3.

Screen 3 could show blood sugar levels with some advisory text such as, “eat snack now” or “levels dropping, eat within 1 hour”, or whatever text is appropriate as determined by the medical consultant.

AlanB - 3.jpeg


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