Going Digital – why bother??

Everybody seems to be rushing to get an online presence. Current thinking appears to be that if you’re not on social media, then you’ve just NO chance of succeeding never mind surviving !!! But how true is that?

Surely the purpose of being “online” is to enhance your business and deliver some benefit. If your online presence isn’t doing that, then why are you bothering?

When people engage with you or your business in the “real” world, (as opposed to the online world), you can, to a large extent, manage their experience. The difficulty with the online world is that you will not be there to observe and manage their experience. So if their user experience is not a good one, not only are you in danger of losing their custom but potentially they can inflict a disproportionate level of damage on your business by utilising social media to point out the shortcomings or failures that they have experienced.

If you plan to go online, get a trusted friend to try out your site first, ask them to provide you with honest feedback on what they liked and more importantly didn’t like about their experience. This will give you a chance to fix things before you upset your customers. Remember, the objective is to make it easy for them to do business with you. .. not to show how flashy your new online presence is.

Remember, keep it simple, make it easy, and don’t pester them with “pop-ups”.

I’d love to hear about your examples of bad customer experiences when online. Why not let me know what has annoyed you in the digital world?

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